lost US economic competitiveness

That sounds like a spiritual thing - loss of competitive spirit!

What does it take to compete economically? You say it depends on the economy? Am I going to ever be on a winning team?

I say it depends on every person in that economy and them having the ability to contribute. Not if they go to school, attend church, have a good record... They did not ask to be here and there is a great sense of responsibilty to help and see them through. That is our ROI!

We put the opportunity out there, BUT, we never stop building the steps to get to it. Does that make any sense, dangling the carrot?

We are so afraid if we give each one of our citizens a golden opportunity, many will not give back, so we have created a system to monitor and force people to give back. What a bunch of selfish ASSES! If you want it you can get it if you are willing to jump through all these loops and if you don't who cares? That is our attitude. We are not sincere about helping everyone, which translates into we are not sincere in helping no one. What good is helping one to destroy the other?

Well, that just killed the economy. Can you force anybody to do anything? Yes, as long as you hold a gun to their heads. What happens when you no longer have the gun?

We are not giving every American a chance, we forcing every American to pay for a chance at something that is really not or may or may not be there and that is pissing people off.

If we want to keep this economy going, we must invest in and give each and every American a chance. Don’t every American deserve a chance, young or old, don't YOU? The richest country in the world, what better way to reinvest? Did not you earn it? Do not you deserve it? Will the Real American please stand up?

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