Men and Sex

What can women actually be thinking, by now anyway? Why do they keep acting so surprised? Which part of "Not Willing To Commit" don't you understand. Is that you thoroughly enjoy being lied too?

You think about it, the leaders, our leaders, duty, honor, country, the person who has promised himself to you? The person in which you confide your most intimate thoughts, love and respect, since the Pilgrims landed in America, he has been screwing everything that will open its legs and that ain't no joke?

Why do women put the same men upon a pedestal, who has historically treated them like shit? No, I am not talking about your man, but all men or was it all white men? The same man who put you upon a pedestal and treated you like shit, you now put on a pedestal and expect great things? Why put any person on a pedestal?

Responsible, there are only two people involved. Women are not the victims. They are just as responsible in raising young men as men are and today, in many cases, more so. Yet today violations of the standards of conduct run even more rampart.

Sad to say, but I think about things like that every time I hear of a wedding? Are you so naive? Are you that love struck? Can you not help make the world a better place?

Is it because we do not know any better and in denial? Do we ever think about this kind of shit before hand? What non-violent actions do we take?

I mean if the rule is broken, why not fix it? Doing the same old but expecting a different result? You ask the question: Why do men treat women as, lets say; Second Class Citizens?

Is this the bottom of the barrel or the cream of the crop? Where is your awesome power? I know, you are able to separate the two?

Are you so full of yourselves you think the world revolves around you and no matter the costs, you allow others to walk all over you? Is that what a marriage is or do we just keep lying to ourselves?

Viagra, levitra, cialis... for what and who exactly are they for?

Men, do you ever think of what you do to your wives, families, country and self or is it all about you, your wants and selfish needs? Marriage is supposed to be a sacred thing.

And the other day, I had a woman tell me about how I want everything MY WAY. Think about that, why shouldn't I for I am not married to you. Now you know before hand! I am no better than the rest, but I do see shit and correct it? Change, do somethng different and stop whinning about the SOS.

(((your inner

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