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Meet the femtoJack: Reducing Consumer Cell Phone Bills -- by Jesse Chettle

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Those who enjoy using the magicJack to reduce the amount they pay for their landline telephone each month may want to check out a new, soon to be released product from the same company. Ymax Corp., the makers of the magicJack recently unveiled this new product, called the femtoJack, which will allow users to cut back their spending on cell phone bills.

Both devices are similar in concept and point, to save consumers money when it comes to paying their monthly phone bills, but the new gadget is much more useful given the fact that cell phone premiums can easily get out of hand once a user reaches their allotted minutes.

The original magic Jack allows those with a landline to save money on phone calls by routing them directly through a VoIP network via the internet. In order to use the product you simply connected the USB magicJack stick to your computer and the other end to your phone. After that, all phone calls made from the connected phone are routed through a VoIP network with the cost being only one low yearly service fee of $20.

The femtoJack works in a similar manner, only its concentration is in providing mobile users with a way to save money on their phone calls while at home. The device works by plugging it into your computer via the USB drive after which you are prompted to enter a code on your cell that will connect it to the femtoJack. The result is your cell phone calls being routed over the a VoIP network and not counting against your plan minutes.

The technology used to connect the femtoJack to your cell phone is largely different than the technology the magic Jack uses. Instead of working by connecting a phone directly to the device is utilizes the mobile spectrum that cell carriers use to provide cell phone service. The femtoJack sends out a signal that creates a small cellular network within your home, one that your cell phone picks up.

Although the exact price for the femtoJack device and it's yearly service has yet to be nailed down it is suspected that it will be similar to the cost of the aforementioned magic Jack. Tech experts say to look for it sometime during 2010 and that the femtoJack will first be offered to current magicJack users.

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