Married people pressure single people into marriage?

How, why and is it true, intentional and is it good for all mankind. The ideological test, would you pass it?

Why is it important to write about this? For your own understanding. Do Americans treat their women with equality? Do Americans even know the meaning of the word "equality", outside of themselves? Why have we never had it?

Who's more right, the elite, the smart people, republicans, democrats, the left, the right, liberal, black lives matter... or American citizens? Whatever happened to the plain old American citizen? Do they not stand for anything?

Are Black folk and White folk married and why so much concern about them getting married? Who has legal right over the other, in same-sex? Do you get my point: who is the righteous people here, then why are we at each other's throat? Did Native Americans have a courthouse, pay for marriage and divorce, why did we outlaw their system of marriage?

We live in a society which has deemed it politically and socially correct to grow-up, get married and raise a family, while they destroyed the same for those who lived here?

Growing-up marriage seemed the thing to do, in order to embark on the journey of life and to start a family, so the vast majority of people strive for this, even knowing marriage is NOT for them. Why do you know marriage is NOT for the vast majority of Americans? Show me one time in the history of this country where the new American has proved himself worthy of being married? Was it during the time we outlawed homosexuality and treated our own women as second class citizens? Where, when did we learn how to treat our women with the same dignity and respect? Did we take a class, counseling, church... or did women force our hand? Why did women rise up against their men? How could we consider this unfair treatment humane?

Would you want to marry a partner who believes you are a second-class citizen and claim the Bible supports this institution of marriage? How could it support this institution of marriage and at the same time condemn other races? Would you want to marry a partner who does not believe but goes along with kicking your ass to get along? Why would you, so willingly, embrace and encourage your children to participate in such an abusive relationship? Domestic violence and abuse of any form?

Well, viewing women as second class citizens is how and where the institution of marriage, we know today, was born in the the New America, and women went along with this. No matter how much they were treated as second class citizens,  they were determined to marry their first-class oppressor and denounced those who refused to participate. They made up excuses and sold this inhumane notion of marriage to anybody wanting to be American.

Domestic violence and abuse they accepted in order to benefit from the notion of "just being married". Then they made it politically and socially incorrect to be single. Hence the majority of our marriages today suffer from lack of knowledge and failure to be truthful.

Then, this pre-adulthood marriage pressure carries on past child bearing years.

After we have raised our children, we start boasting of our marital success. "We have be married for 40 years." 40 years of marriage, what are you trying to say to divorcees? Do you know love any better than those married less?

Does it really take being legally married to raise a family? Does it take being legally anything to accomplish a task, especially a critical task? Then, why do we have these illicit legal concerns? How can we boast about staying with the opposite sex when we cannot even live as a people together?

Is to be legally married the same as being legal to shoot an innocent person, only if we make it so. So, if whatever we make so is legal,,, then, why in the hell do we have legal? What was it before we made it legal? Why did they have sense enough to manage themselves before our legal system?

Divorce, if divorce is just as eminent as legal marriage, what good does it make to get married? 50/50 is the same as zero. If our divorce rate exceed our successful marriage rate, what does that say about our legal system of marriage? What does our crooked legal system say about innocent people? People had best pay closer attention to what the hell is going on, because we are living well beyond our limits.

Married people have so convinced themselves that everybody should be legally married that we pay no attention to our failed system of matrimony. Who has who, does the man have the woman, does the woman have the man? Wise guys are going to imply "both", so does this mean "both of us brought us to this failed state of being" or do you call "Make America Think Again" a fluke?

If the divorce rate among those who remarry is even higher than first time marriages, what does this say about first time marriages? If the rate of divorce is higher in one race more than another, what does this say about marriage? Is a White marriage more likely to last than a Black marriage, well from where comes all this corruption? Are White people better human beings than Black people or any other people? Why are White people considered "notorious liars" and how do they separate this out of their marriages? Since Black folk consider themselves more forthright than White folk, why is our divorce rate higher? Do Black folk tell the same lies as White folk? What kind of marriage is this?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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