meeting standards

Sure-fire way to know you when you are "not" meeting the standard.

Just like everyone else, you are already swamped with problems. There's nothing more humiliating than to ask your boss for something and they give you a "lick and a promise".

Can you sense when a superior and subordinate does not know what they're doing? Things are not going to roll smoothly are they? Tension, stress, procrastination, excuses. What about a family member? A lag in response time. The inability to make sound decisions. Swapping excuses.

What's the difference between a cold call and a warm call? If you received a good credible tip about how to immediately save money in your household, which priority would you make that? Would you leave it hanging?

Simple step to know you are not meeting the standard: Let’s se, you work a Fortune 500 company, even you are the owner/operator. One of your employee’s explains about an important problem with a simple solution. You instruct them what to do in order to immediately resolve this important problem by: Making one simple phone call.

Actually, you spend more time explaining the importance of resolving this problem than it would take to make the phone call. Resolving the problem,remember it’s your business and the desired action is very simple yet important to your operation.

Questions: How much response time would be adequate, before making a follow-up? It’s your company, how would you prioritize that task? Should your employee go and conduct an undercover investigation on the person you instructed them to call, before they called?

Now, do you really understand how a business or home is run? You want to accomplish the mission ASAP, but you cannot quite accomplish one simple task, without over complicating shit. Who wants to hear your fucking excuse? Time is money and money is time.

An hour later, you see Joe in the hall, so you nicely inquire about the call and Joe tells you: HOLD ON, HE’S STILL GOT A FEW HOURS LEFT IN THE DAY! Explaining being patient and it takes time...It takes getting off you ass and that's it.

Common sense: The ability to produce desired results. Looking ahead and accomplishing the task before time. You are not meeting your bosses expectations and when the boss is not happy…

Logic and reasoning: You want people to immediately respond, within reason, but you cannot follow simple instructions, in a timely manner.

Consequence: You are mis-guided! No matter your excuse(s) you are not meeting the standard and your strange behavior is going under the microscope. You will be "in the spotlight without a box". A Fortune 500 cannot not operate smoothly like this. This shit is going to come back to you, as failing to be most effective and efficient. Should you fire them now or later? Leader of the team, but you're the last one in.

You know think about something bigger than self, "people lives and their livelihoods are actually on the line, while you play games-Team.

This stupid trait: In which people is this trait most prevalent? Is it women? African...? or LD people?

You get what you give. Back to the basics.

(((your inner

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