my first minnows

Teach a man to fish!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Or is that, you will not have to hear him whining about how hungry he is?

My first attempt at raising minnows. I will make notes here from time to time, so if you have any tips, please share them.

03 April 2011 - started with a 20 gallon tank and 50 minnows. Unknown how many females or males! Lost one the first day.

14 April - My minnow are infected with ick disease. I treated them with Ick Guard. I have lost approximately half (25) since day one.

May 2011 - The number of dead minnows has decreased. Also added one plant, a minature catfish and a sucker fish.

12 June - Out of 50 minnows 20 remain. No more ick or further deaths, but no signs of anything else except eating well.

Minnows make good prey for the larger fish and are often used as bait fish by pet stores.

What Do Minnows Eat?I fed mine fire ants, but they did not eat them right away. By the next morning all fire ants were gone?

Minnow will eat a variety of plants and animals.

How much? If a lot of food is left floating or falls to the bottom of the tank, they should be fed less. If the minnows eat everything put in their tank immediately, they have been fed too little.

My worm bed

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