Earthworm Bed

New project: Raising Earthworms

Started: 24 August 07

Expected date of harvest: 6 weeks, first week in October for me.

Constructed with 2x8's = Box and 1x6's = Top. Project was constructed over a three day period, using pressure treated lumber.

First day - Build the box, till the ground, place box, add cow manure within two inches of the top and soak with water.

Day 2 - Add earthworms. 3 cups of Big Reds is what I used.

Day 3 - Add food, Chicken laying mash. Attracts ants and quick to mold. Better to use compose.

Note: On the next one, I will run 1x6 the length of the box.

Filler: Cow Manure

Anticipated problems: Ants, not really but that is what I am told.

Stay tuned and in October, I will update the progress of my earthworm project.

UPDATE: Tree roots took over my bed, the worms left/disappeared.

So I pulled it up, put a bottom to it and am starting over again for easier maintenance. I ordered more worms.

March 2011. My worm bed is doing great. I have gone from those special bought worms to locally grown worms. If can get them to be still long enough, I will take a picture.

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