the mom I used to know

the life you always wanted

I am no longer your daughter after this letter. I don’t want anything to do with you. Granddaddy, grandmama and I don’t care what you do or what happens to you.

We have realized that you will for ever be drunk and live in the projects. You have slumped sooo low the mom I used to know would never even consider living on the projects more less marrying somebody from there. She always made sure she looked a certain way before going out in public, and had standards.

You have been so desperate for a man every since dad died that I would think you would find someone decent that can take care of you financially and give you a house and do the nice things you used to like to do, but someone like that wouldn’t even look your trashy way so you have slumped down to any guy you can get which has been many who all are broke or with little money no job or a really low paying job (again no standards). The old you would call that a slut and so would any other person, but I guess if you drink all the time you wouldn’t care.

You have been given so many chances to get your life back you didn’t deserve dad I will forever hate you from the bottom of my heart. Just the very thought of you makes me so angry and sick.

You are truly scum. Don’t expect a graduation invitation. You have not helped me once through my high school years. The storage rent is due in a week I don’t care what happens to all that crap. You won’t need it sense you plan on living in projects forever. I am cutting you out of my life sense you can’t seem to straighten up.

“Let me be me”, you always say well if being you means drinking sleeping around with tons of men, drinking night and day and on the job and being trash, well, be you all you want. I’m done with you and now you are getting your wish. You no longer have a daughter (which I’m sure makes you happy).

A teacher with tons of degrees and living in a nice place wanting nice things being around intelligent people making something out of your life to drinking non stop getting fired from every job you get and living in the projects with no family giving a crap about you.

Have fun being trashy and drunk now you have the life you always wanted.

(((your inner

Mother's Day 2011 - Tough love

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