Motivating Yourself

Motivation happens all day, every day not just in the morning!

Motivation is about moving yourself along a certain path, that you chose. Be sure you really want and need to be on the path on which you are moving.

Listen to your own reactions and prodding.

If you find a great deal of resistance, you may want to re-evaluate whether or not you actually need or want to be moving on that path.

How about this one...
"Come on now... you have to get moving or you'll be late to the Boss's party..."

How important is it that you attend your boss's party?

If you do not want to go... ask yourself to list some of the reasons. Write them down. Listen to yourself as you go over them.

Respect yourself and your decision.

Take time to understand your reasons when you find you are dragging your feet.

Be sure that what you are pushing yourself to do, is something that is moving you closer to "who or what" you want to be.

"the boss's party is just an example"

My point is to be honest with yourself and those around you.

Make informed decisions and decision that benefit "the whole" and not just yourself:-)

Some areas to focus on: Home and Gardens/Yard:-), Community, Work place.

Practice What You Preach

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