one” woman man

Where are they, especially in America?

Americans are some of the absolute most hypocritical "Mother Fuckers" ever to walk the face of the earth and we'll deny it every time. Just like you are going to talk about my use of the English language doing your best to dumb me down. I did not invent it, but I am smart enough to use it, because it was invented for a reason. We are so accustom to "sugar coating" shit, even though it smells like shit, we don't even know it's shit and that is very dangerous.

A “One” man woman or a “one” woman man? We can't even maintain a good healthy relationship for wanting some shit for ourselves.

1. You know you get tired of hearing all that old Sanctimonious bullshit. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, but to want something knowing you cannot have it is a waste of energy and time? About as close as you are going to get to that is a LIE and the vicious cycle continues.

Have you ever fallen asleep, only to awaken to find out that your tongue was hanging out and/or you salivated all over yourself? Well, what did you do with the one man you had? Why are you still out here and what is your “backup plan”?

Where in the world is there a monogamous relationship? In what way? Yes, one on one? Do you know how many people really want that but ain't got that? Do you know how many lives are lost, how many relationships are broken and all over the notion of “this man or woman belongs to me”.

Women have a tendency to ask for selfish-shit they know they cannot have and in order to get what they want, men make empty promises. To justify it all, we’re going to find one of those broke relationships of old, where the man and woman struggled together, just barely making it, because they were too humiliated to ask for help. They did not know how to go about getting it and now what?

In such relationships, how can you be free? One on one, whose going to be the boss. Now, there is going to be a "goddamn boss". If life works that way, why do men treat women the way they do, the world over?

Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but I am telling you that you would be better served to stop lying and having false hopes. Then what?

How do you teach your children to have a “one man relationship”? Why the hell date? Which is the more holy: One man at a time or MULTIPLE men over a life time?

Must you tell everybody or "SHOW'EM"? Prove me wrong.

(((your inner


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