Pardon A Turkey for Thanksgiving

At a time not long ago, it was a great honor to prepare and eat a turkey, especially if you had a big family.

It ain't what you have as much as how you use it. Today, so many turkeys are commercially produced, it has taken the fun, the wholesomeness, the spirit out of the entire event.

So I guess that is why this Pardon a Turkey idea came about. It only makes sense, so they must have known what they had created.

Each year before Thanksgiving, the president ceremonially pardons a turkey to live out its life. The pardoned turkey serves as Grand Marshal of the Thanksgiving Day parade, Disneyland California before being sent to a local ranch.

Historians attributes Harry Truman in 1947 or Abraham Lincoln when he pardoned his son Tad's pet turkey.

Together, what are we going to create?

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