The path of life


Everything I touch turns to shit, is this True or False?

Where, what is the Path of Life? It is so hard to take life for what it is?

The path of life, we too often fail to “take it for what it is”. We’re so busy trying to get somewhere, we cannot and do not appreciate where we are and take full advantage of what’s around us.

From the crib to the grave, we’re constantly creating our own obstacles. We ungrateful for the way it is therefore deceived by our own minds that we can make it better. It has been proven, what I create, even though it good, it does not nourish me and I suffer. Trickery, how does that help to make living life worth living? How does that help us create a great outlook on life?

The path of life is our outlook on life. It’s our reminder to be grateful in life. Grateful, I don’t try to recreate a leaf, what is there to think about, just keep going.

There is enough to keep me well occupied being grounded, yielding not to temptation. I gain a new perspective by appreciating what Mother Nature has created to nourish me.

Turning to shit, develop a new perspective in life, take it for what it is. My outlook on life is my day to day appreciation for my Path in Life. Take life for what it is.

(((your inner

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