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I too am a great fan of Phyllis Hyman. I wanted to join in the rememberance of her with Tom Joyner and Crew, but it took me so long for the registration process, I said I will do it myself.

It was something about her voice. Just listening to her triggered pleasant and loving thoughts in my mind.

To learn of her death was a terrible loss. Then to learn how she died inspired feelings of regret.

So much so, I imagined her lonilness was due to my not being there.

I imagined, if I could just have gotten to her before, to let her know how attracted I was to her, she would not have a reason to be lonely.

I wanted to be there for her just to return a bit of the joy, her music and photos brought to my life. I know I could not reach the level of satisfaction her music and photos brought to me, but it would be a great challenge to take-on and just may be she would still be here.

I could not and would not have imagined Phyllis suffered from loneliness, a broken heart, poor relationships. That her curves filled out more than she’d liked.

No more regrets now, because I am getting it done from now on....Lesson learned.

And thank you Tom and Crew for Remembering and sharing with us.

Inner Voice

Prime of My Life by Phyllis Hyman

"Prime of My Life" is at once a happy and sad experience.

Happy because it finds Hyman at a moment when she was not tortured by her inner demons and tragic because it provides an undeniable glimpse into Hyman's tortured soul and the pending suicide which would materialize four years later.

Luther Vandross

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