become a professional

How long does it take, what age and standards?

Then what's taking you so long, a world renowned Professional? Go Back To School, is that to slow you down or speed you up? Is it an insult or compliment? How long does it take to become a professional "anything"?

At what exactly are you a professional? They say everyone has gifts. So what's wrong with yours? ARe you telling yourself you can't do it? Who gets paid to go to school? Is there a such thing as a Professional Student? ARen't we all?

Do you realize how much time and effort we put forth to make our children the professionals we would like for them to become? Does it make sense? Do we, is time that liberal to us?

I think of many of our youngest professionals and I ask, why aren't they our goal, task, condition and standard, if we really wanted to have a stable economy, we need stable households and faster.

Are labor laws helping or hurting? It's amazing how you could become a professional "cotton picker or other skill" before you learned to read and now... Are you the master of your destiny?

Does it all depend on you? Some blossom early while others strive to be the best. What about fast learners?

Are we stifling our own prosperity? If you started a child out at the age of three, what would it be by age thirteen?

Most organizations say it takes five years to become a career oriented person and if that true... Could they transform the heart and soul of the world? Would the world be ready for them?

Being a Professional and Professionalism does not occur overnight. Rather, it is the process of focused commitment, dedication and ongoing study. Does it ever stop- Life Long Learning?

If you are one, then you can certainly teach or train one.

Do you need to ask that question? The world will let you know.

(((your inner

Transforming the heart and soul of America

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