The results of computer simulation of pulse signal scattering by a plastic pipe buried in the ground as well as simulation results of ground penetrating radar (GPR) image of ground-filled trenches have been represented in the work.

The "skeleton diagram" of a trench image has been developed. The strategy of GPR searching for low radar contrast plastic pipes in ground (in back-filled trenches) has been considered on the basis of indirect criterion which is the existence of a trench containing buried pipes

Bottomline here: PVC, without tracer wire or map, is hard to locate. I know only one company with this capability.

Signal Utilities Gets it done!

pvc diagram

When it comes to "digging", I can save you a lot of time and effort. -- If you are looking to locate valuable lines, without a thorough locate, this can happen to you.

"A hole with nothing in it."

It all depends on what you want.

If you are looking to by-pass important lines, then "A hole with nothing in it" is what you want.

Not knowing can lead to serious accidents.

Poor decisions are costly. Smart guys, know what to do and who to call.

In my line of business, "carefully listening, accurately interpreting signals and making responsible decisions makes marking easy, your job a lot safer and less costly.

I won't talk about "my great work" but I am very pleased to report, "Knock on wood!", during my ten years of business, there has been no major accidents.

My company takes this business very serious.

Now, that you have seen the rest, let my experience work for, save and save.

We'll be listening-out for you.

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