Signal Utility Locating Company

Signal Utility Tower

Specializing in
Drilling Information and Utilities Difficult To Locate

Commercial or Private Infrastructures

With or Without Tracer Wires or Maps

International Locating Services

Signal Utility Locating Tower

"Call Before You Dig"

Pre-Construction Videos, Pin point Locating -- Confirmation both Horizontally and Vertically (+). Precision!

Gas • Electric • Telecommunications • Fiber Optics • Cable • Storm Drains • PVC • Water and Sewer Lines and Systems

Underground...Inside Buildings...Private or Commercial.

Signal Utility:

Understands the importance of accuracy and quality of service.

Meets and/or exceeds legal and regulatory requirements.

Save time and money. Call to inquire. Ask about other utility locating services or surveys.

Utilities difficult to Locate?

Learn where it is and how it's running, "The first and only".

"Call Before You Dig

Signal Utility Locating Company
"Licensed and Insured"
Chris Starks, Owner
P.O. Box 291
Williamson, Georgia 30292
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