rise and shine

To what are you rising?

Do you ever build anything? Are you caught up in the daily grind or can you be innovative and creative?

Everyday we awake, but the real question is what today are you going to do?

Supermilk, fabulous fried chicken, pro golfer, iconic star, revolutionary car folds like stroller, biggest blunders, family found guilty in "honors" killing or see how you would rank among Presidents? Thousands owe back taxes? Mass media? How long hours on the job are killing millions of Americans?

There's so much to UNdo and SO little time within to do it, so RISE AND SHINE - innovative, creative.

WE'RE not cloned but individuals. We must merge our efforts together knowing we're not alone. Rising with a purpose and letting it shine - RISE AND SHINE! Let's build something great together. It's time.

If you cannot build anything else, build character, that's better than any material junk.


Defining you!

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