Promoting the wrong people, what happens?

Are you a nobody until somebody approves, validates gives credence.

Who defines you. I see so many everyday trying to be somebody who they aren't. They're making so many unnecessary decisions it's pathetic.

Should you change clothes everyday or are you wearing your clothes in such a manner that nobody else knows? Whose business is it as long as you are clean? The problem is when you feel pressured to do what you cannot do. Making empty promises. Just flat out lying. UNTIMELY DEATH!

How do you get that nice looking business suit for your very first job interview? How much "formal education" do you need before you become somebody? What doesn't your parental training count for more of who you are? What about "whose you are"?

Reciprocation, living in a deceptive world where you must give up so much of your personal private information causes you to lose your own personal identity, sight of yourself - resumes, jobs, business, benefits, loans, religions, schools, social...

Who cares any more about a hand shake, character building, the only thing they care about is their bottom line, money, and that wouldn't be problems accept they do not care about your health.


Who defines you?

Why does any American 70+ years old need to explain why they need assistance? Do senior citizens cheat? Does living a good clean wholesome life count?

You lie and tend to want to be who you think they want you to be or who they are looking for. And you do all this to enhance your social and economic status. Does it work?

You just can't get a damn thing any more for just being YOU. Are you a nobody until somebody approves, validates, gives credence to? Those who you allow to define you can just as well take away.

Is what we do on Earth any indication to what we're going to do on the MOON? When you promote the wrong people, you end up out in the cold. We all need a certain amount of moral support, but you had better be damn careful about from who you get it? So who defines you?

Do you need them or do they need you, then, why don't they act like that? Do they know or do you know? Who knows better? Making it happen is upto you.

(((your inner

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