What do people really want to see


How exciting is it to watch what somebody is showing you? The more options you have, do you feel more involved?

How do you show people what they want to see? Do you really count?

Is what you want to see, what you want to be? How do you distinguish the difference between the two?

It seems people want to see what’s “exciting to them”? Cops and robbers, cowboys and indians? It doesn’t matter the quality, as long as it stimulates the imagination. What do commercials do?

Are commercials any different from regular programming? If programs do not muster up sponsorship, they will not be shown. Who can afford to show them otherwise?

What really excites people? T.V. is an investment, success means money, power and position. All of which creates the greatest sense of euphoria most will never experience. So people feel a connection, through images shown on tv.

Is t.v. an accurate reflection of what people want to see? The best way to answer that question is: In how many programs have you been the deciding factor? Or is tv an accurate reflection of what producers “think” they can get your interest? No money, no honey.

Producers and Viewers, how do the two meet? Producers take a chance at producing programs they think need to be aired. People have no choice but to look, as they are curious about t.v programs. These programs are rated based on the number of views they receive and are classified as “programs people want to see”.

It has gone on for so long, now producers and viewers are convinced these ratings are an accurate description of what they’re producing is what people really want to see. Viewers are convinced, based on statistical data; these are programs “they should see”, so everybody tunes in. It’s all about “who” can make the Greatest MOOLA?

How many times is your tv on but not being watched? How many times do you turn on tv to see what’s on and something catches your eye? How many times do you turn on tv just to have a noise in the house? How many times do you turn on tv and go do something else?

What about coverage? Do you really think mass media does a good job at covering what’s going on in your neighborhood? Think about what you would have to do in order to be seen?

What about the race card, how far behind are we? No, tv producers are only covering what sells more tv. Everything is edited and programmed for viewers and that is the illusion Hollywood has mastered.

What about ratings? An x-rating and filter today is an r-rating tomorrow. It really doesn’t matter as long as you keep watching tv.

When poor people do this, it's call "using mass media to defraud your investors - a ponzi scheme"! What is a Ponzi Scheme - persuasive, perceived authority, honesty, and likeability to defraud people by getting them to invest in a bogus product for a guaranteed rate of return and using the money of later investors to pay off the earlier ones. Buy low and sell high.

So what are the average costs to watch tv programing today, are they declining or increasing? From an antennae a top your roof to high speed satelite. So how are you, the viewer, benefiting? The illusion.

Who will make money from such a scheme? The ones who started it.

Hooked on TV, it’s the best way to get you to see what they want you to see.

How do you show people what they want to see? Show'em what you got, see what they liked and show them how many other people liked it - Validation without being validated.

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When You have Got it going on how do you know?

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