serving me well

Serving me well is serving you well.

Always take something to GIVE and you will receive more than EXPECTED. Now, I wondering what did you give me?

Whatever it was, It served me well and I love you for sharing it. Is it okay to love someone for sharing? That is what love is all about isn't?

Do know how parents could say that and it hurt your feelings? Something you came in grumpy and complaining about and they said, "It served you well"? And you thought what the hell do they mean?

You know how disappointed you can be in life, especially over losses and break-downs. But one day, as I was in gross dismay, anger, confusion and chaos about an incident, this little old lady said, “But it served you well while it lasted. This is when the real meaning hit home to me.

Some people say don't have any expectations, but I think they meant, not have false expectations.

Another FACT..."make sure you give to others what you want to receive…..because what you give out comes back, never give without expectation(s)...never go anywhere without expectation(s)...never do anything without expectation(s)"...- mdw

Believe it or not, those words changed my whole attitude about things I perceive as negative in my life and I still remember that saying until today: But it served you well while it lasted.

My relationships serve me well while they last.

We tend to think things are going to last a lot longer than we expect and what do you think when the unexpected happens? Think about that: Just may be had not that thing broken today, it might have taken your life tomorrow.

Nothing forever last and Life is shorter than you may ever know. My life, may it serve you well while it last, for it has me; and to serve you well is to serve me well.

(((your inner

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