Sides to people

How many different sides are there to you? Do you allow the worst of you to get the better of you?

Sometimes we just explode and lose it all! I am thinking of good hearted, well intentioned people. I mean you would never think they would do a such thing? They talk about being flexible, yet focused like hell. They tell all about the good things they are doing to make ends meet. They come across as caring individuals.

Are they the ones who think they are better than the rest of us? Why are they always trying to take the advantage? They have it going on and then they take advantage of those they got it going on with?

Does eveyone have a good and bad side? Now, I think on Lifestyle queen, the Martha Stewart incident, was it a thing of survival or greed? What do you have to do to get your own dog to bite you? Did she startled them and they bolted upright with enough force to land them in jail? Is she mature, responsible, how so? Would you trust her in your kitchen? When you see her on tv, she seems like the perfect house guess? But when you read about her personal life - God Damn! She is more brutal than a football player. Most football players do not go to prison? Talking about the different sides of people.

"many, many good people have gone to prison", however; the question why is most important? Did you go because you were innocent or because you were guilty? However, these are the kind of people we allow to have great effect upon our lifestyle.

There is the one they put out front and the one behind closed doors. Knowing that, how do you ever get to know these people?

Was she really trying to stick it to her investors? What about Bernie Madoff?

Has any of these people changed?

I feel I have all these sides too, but I do not allow the worst of me to get the best of me?

Are all people like this? When you have these extreme sides, how do you save yourself? Is everything really trial and error? With which side do you side?

(((your inner


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