Press release: Signal Utility

Utility Locating Company

--The first privately owned and operated, African-American, utility locating company.

--The only company capable of locating utilities without tracer wires or maps.

I am sure you have heard the expressions, "Call Before You Dig" or "Dig Safely" --A utility locating company is who you call. Often this job is seamless being it is performed by the company from which you ordered your product or service, i.e. cable tv, phone, any work requiring burial in the earth.

Having the capability to locate underground utilities is a blessing in itself. Most recently installations are being installed with tracer wires or marked on maps. However, that process yields about sixty percent accuracy. Signal Utilities brings you ninety-nine percent accuracy, which saves you a lot of valuable time and effort, not to mention safety. You probably will never know when your project is being delayed because construction workers dug into an unidentified line. Just imagine the time and work involved.

Signal Utilities is very please to announce, we stand-out from the rest of the guys. We do not just talk, here is the proof!

Signal Utilities welcome opportunities to be the first and "The Best" because, we think you desire and deserve it.

Through professional training and plenty of practice, I am happy to announce "Signal Utility is the only company with the capability to locate underground utilities without tracer wires or maps".

Further, Signal Utility is pleased to recognize the smart work and accomplishments of a minority group of people, by joining the ranks of and announcing: We are the first African-American "privately owned and operated" utility locating company, in the history of utility locating.

So before you dig, build or buy property take a look at some of the stuff located beneath your property.

15 July 2007

Dig Safely,

"Call Before You Dig!"

Signal Utility
Chris Starks
P.O. Box 291
Williamson, Georgia 30292
Ofc 770-228-0030

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