weird Friday, snowing in milledgeville, GA,

Today, Friday, 12 Feb. 2010, snow falls in Georgia where it hasn't fallen in years...Not in years. The last weird form of precipitation we had in Milledgeville was ice and I do not remember that.

The last time the weather man perdicted snow in Milledgeville, we closed the schools and guess what, NO SNOW. Where was Al Roker? People were hot for a minute...and it was on a Friday too! Possiblly the hottest Friday in central Georgia.

So we get pretty excited when we get snow! I have to go out and see what some people are thinking. Ask if they remember the last snow in Milledgeville. Were they snowed in?

So be careful, it has liable to be weird weather all over the world. And yes, the snow is beginning to stick.

Record Breaker: First time recorded in the history of the USA, "SNOWING IN ALL forty-nine (49) STATES!

Opening day of the Winter Olympic Games 2010, Vancouver, Canada. We are having the full Olympic experience, at home.

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Snow Milledgeville

snow Milledgeville

Darren Willis Jr.



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