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She called it "eye candy". From the inside out? Remember when America was about "good deals"? Another "Unsung Hero", how?

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011

It used to be "a good deal" when one American was good to another, just because he or she was American and it was a "bad deal" to do otherwise. That's how America became to be America. That'll help you love and respect foreign folk, your foreign neighbors, even the ones who live next door, just because they are fellow human beings.

Today, America lost a good deal, yes, our country, our world lost a best friend, another "Unsung Hero". Talk about beauty, and being beautiful? How do you see beauty, what's your idea of being beautiful? Is it from the inside, outside or both?

This beauty about which I'm speaking, there ain't but one way to get it! You just can't be more beautiful the other way. How is it to feel beautiful, from the inside, out? Can everybody be beautiful? NOt the "beauty in the eyes of the beholder" beauty; the beauty on the inside beauty?

Not because of material rewards, while this kind of beauty is normally not glorified, it is often considered, as some might say, "beneath them". It's usually not cause for great media attention until it's too late. There will be no pageants, cover stories, sponsorships, great memorials, Just the Obituaries.

We have got a little attitude problem - Ready, Fire, Aim? You do the job without all the drama and you're never recognized, even though you do well more than your share.

Beautiful, "Just because you can be beautiful", very hard to be and do. Just try it, in your family, community, neighborhood, try the banks.

When you talk about beauty and being beautiful in America - “This is long overdue! A wonderful place to go in a time of crisis!” – Martha Louise Campbell

Someone to be nice to you, just to be nice to you. They didn’t need "a special reason" to or not to. Talking about living the life "you wanted to live"? Courage and strength beyond compare.

I hate to say this, but women leaders, I see in position to lead our country, don’t even hold a light to the beauty of Ms. Martha Campbell. Does beauty and play mix, what about business? She was so good, it was scary.

Considering all the factors we’ve instilled into our hearts, our society, it’s hard to be good, just to be good any more. Marti had a saying about "Being Bad To The Bone". That is just how good she was, not only to me, but to anyone that knew her and she carried it off well.

"She did it from her heart!" She knew and worked for the cause of "poor dirt farmers". She never wanted to bother anyone.

How many times would you risk your life, tried and got bit, fear what others thought or was going to think before you gave up?

How many needy people have you passed? How many could you or would you help? Peace and harmony, you would be hard pressed to beat Miss Martha Campbell.

You can’t talk about anybody until you have walked in their shoes! The bigger they were, the harder they fell for Ms Martha Campbell. Human and Women rights is what I think she would like to be known for. She worked for balance in Nature, that every person should be treated equally. She did not care about all that other stuff.

She was smart, very wise and willing to help. Few people have that courage. Most of us just can’t quite bring ourselves to live being good for no earthly reason. What am I trying to say here: We've always got an excuse? Be kind, be humble, nonjudgmental as ms Martha Campbell. No matter how mean people were to her, she could and would always take the time to find a way to smooth things out. Do you have that kind of heart? Damn?

When you talk about beauty. Business wise, Ms Campbell was hard to beat. No matter how you went, you were going to get “a good deal”. She was the kind of person who would not let you go wrong – A good deal. I remember when this country was about “good deals”. Ride your own ride.

I am simply not ready for this, but if you say so, I'll accept it: "This is long overdue! A wonderful place to go in a time of crisis!" - Martha "Marti" Campbell's funeral arrangements, 65, Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Nicholson, GA, Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011

Mom, Mrs. Eula Mae Gardner, age 89, of Nicholson,

(((your inner

HOw many of us need a good reason to be good just to be good to self and neighbors? They'll piss you off every time. If you let them?

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