Personal Relationships

Equals personal growth

Personal growth and relationships are a spiritual thing.

Where are you headed? Where do you want to take your personal relationships? What's holding you back? Are you just going along for the ride? Are you a slacker?

Are you toxic to your own personal relationships? Why is it so hard to find that “just right partner”? What about suicide? What about crime, depression, fear or greed? What about doing nothing? Why doesn’t anybody love Art? Why does Art find it so hard to love others? Why isn’t anything working for Art? Those questions, I have asked myself quite often lately and time is running. Do I attract or do I repell? I've been doing a lot of repelling lately.

Let's face it, there are some things "we must do" in order to have and maintain healthy relationships, starting with ourselves. They must be of the highest priority, to keep everything in balance. We must have food, water, shelter, clothing, good health and transportation, to name a few. What are you capable of doing in these categories?

Can you successfully run a household? That's being dependable, responsible and caring? Isn't that what we want our country to be, and the more people we get doing that, the better off our country is.

How good are you at them? What about consistency? Are profits more important than family? What kind of messages are we sending?

You hear people doing all kinds of things to create and fix their personal relationships while trying to earn as much money as they can. Me too, but I understand there has to be a moral and ethical approach to all, if I want it to last. The hardest thing to face is truth.

Sometimes I think on sending our soldiers to war? Is it to fight a war in which we believe or is it to make a buck? Our eduational process, is it to make a buck or learn? Can you really apply what you have learned? Is this really your calling or are you just trying to make a buck? Are you being honest with yourself and those around you? Do your job your passion? Would you do it without pay? You must learn and personally accept how far off base you really are. Every person must answer this question, "Is the punishment worth the crime"?

Fixing personal relationships is a big money-maker right now. We are looking for answers, but are we looking in all the wrong places and by the time we get an answer, it is often too late. Marriages, partnerships, businesses, religion, it all boils down to management of personal relationships.

Most folk want a nice, safe and secure relationship, but they are not willing to do the work. We start by seeking advice in all the wrong places. Then, what are the most over-looked places? Self?

Just look at the background of the person with whom you are asking? What kind of people do they attract? How do they inspire them? Look at how sorry you really are? I bet you never thought to look at yourself as the problem in yours and our relationships. We are connected aren't we?

“We are too quick to blame others for our own mistakes”. We fail to see and correct the human error within ourselves. That’s a spiritual thing.

Doubt is a powerful force and destroys all in its path. Finally, we meet the person of our dreams and for a short while, we are happy. Then, we get lazy in our personal relationships and the next thing you know, doubt has slipped in. Well he was already there, but we let down our guard. Does having a guard mean that we should be mean and evil?

Having a guard means having discipline . If you do not discipline yourself, how can you discipline anybody else? Think about our future, our children. If you are not happy with yourself, how can you be happy with anyone else? What is true happiness?

So we start out broken, which is natural, but in addition to our natural brokenness are all of the broken expectations of our society? By the time you factor in all of them, we are so confused, we do not know what to do.

Can you live according to your religious beliefs? Does that make you even more vulnerable? Our parents teach one thing, when our schools teach another. Our churches teach one thing but reality teaches another. Everything goes! To which are you going to listen? To which must you face on a daily basis? Wherein lays conflict? All of what we feel we must do to keep up with the Jones’.

So we have a grossly distorted concept of what true happiness is. We have a problem with being ourselves? We think because we have all these different personalities, that we can be just as different. We think we are so in control, amongst all the confusion and chaos. Do you understand why we waste so much--waste, fraud and abuse? Do you understand why there is trash everywhere? Alcoholism, drug abuse, all things are good in moderation. Did you know a person that’s spiritually grounded can save any relationship? So why did you not save your own?

Home. How are you raising our children? What about our family units? Are they working in peace and harmony? Work is a "key word". What about their intergrity, is it beyond reproach? Are you working on it or have you given up?

How attractive is your home to you? How dedicated are you to it? What kind of people do your home attract? How do you create and maintain a nice neighborhood? Are you living in clutter? Are you clean? Do you practice good personal hygiene? If your home is a wreck, what are you doing about it? If it is, then you must work that much harder to straighten it up. Does it look like something you would love to move in?

Most folk want a nice safe and secure neighborhood, but they are not willing to do the work. Most folk want to live in nice neighborhoods, but they want to live like they want to live. Think about it,,,if you maintained your neighborhood, then it wouldn’t have been a bad neighborhood. It would attract rather than repel. Most are so eager to get away from the reminders of their own shortcomings, their old neighborhoods, they will do anything. That’s your home!

Now, because you are living in a most exclusive neighborhood, what does that do for you? How can you be above your own self?

Are you having an out of body experience? An old saying, “I put you down a button hole lower”. I don’t know where or how them old folk came up with those sayings, but they are true today. They had more sense in their little finger than we have in our whole body and we think we are doing something that has never been done. See what I mean. See how and why so quickly we turn against each other?

Look how we low-rate our neighbors and neighborhoods. Think about what you can do to correct the situation. Well, that is what you want in your personal relationships. Those are people you grew up with that we are talking about. Think on all the people who are ashamed of their past- child and spousal abuse and molestation? Think about the people who marry just to get out of poverty? Think about the people who marry just to keep you in poverty? We think it is easier and important to be here, there and everywhere? I know I do and I vow to work and correct it, not to run away from it.

Cell phones, new technologies, are they a help or hinderance. They are what we make them.

So the next time you wonder why your personal relationships are not working, just look in the mirror?

I listen with respect and love in order to gain a greater understanding of myself, my loved ones and our life experiences. I look for solutions that will be mutually fulfilling and harmonious. No matter how difficult it gets.

Who said it was going to be easy? Please bare with me while I work my personal relationship out?

How to keep a good family together?

The company I keep.

That's me, why not me?

your inner

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