out tHere again

Do you reckon there is anything to what ole Tim Tebow does, why? Think about yourself

I see things and that has always been a problem of mine. i see myself surrounded by ingenious people, who has really got it going on. I wonder what are they doing, where are they going, why are they in such a hurry? What are they carrying with them? Is it functional?

Now, you really wouldn't know about that unless you've been some place like Africa. Americans really do not understand, What being Patient actually means...is that only Americans? What rights and privileges do you really have? If something, se a disaster happened right now, a big booboo, are you Prepared? Does ready look like that thing you see in the mirror.

What good would that do? Always Be Prepared, who would ever come up with such a stupid motto? Who the hell needs such a thing? We’ve got everything under control and everything for which we have responsibility is well-under-control, it in order, last will and testament?

What about being up creek without a paddle?

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Abraham, what can I learn?

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