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Jobs are scarce and unemployment lurks in the shadows, ALL HELL is about to BREAK LOOSE.

No change comes without conflict. Do you want us to turn on each other rather than come together as a strong combined front against the evils of the World?

I’m asking for something well intentioned people refuse to give and for which the “have nots” are tired of asking. Everybody agrees but nobody is willing to take the LEAP OF FAITH.

We FEAR asking for what we really want. For DEAR LIFE, we’re holding on to material things as a crutch and that’s not going to save our ass.

How do I get your attention and tell you the time is now to take immediate action? How do I tell people who don’t want to know, this is your LAST CHANCE in life to make a difference and encourage you to take immediate action? HFR

Greed, CORPORATE BULLIES and our GOVERNMENT wanting to make a profit are fast destroying us and our earth.

For centuries, we have been and still are experiencing this destruction, but it is something you must see for yourself. In this Technological Advanced Age this destruction is escalating. Follow me/HFR

(((your inner voice.com)))

Rally like-minded people together.

Your Hatred Welcome!

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