good Courage

2012, Time to be of good courage. "Good Courage" is the word for this year.

do you need a gun or weapon of mass destruction to bring about change? What good is forced change? Once bitten, twice as shy, is that it?

Why do I do this, what am I doing? Many act as they don't understand or they do not accept the means by which I bring attention to what's really going on. This is not a friendly business and it is not for the faint at heart, so why be that? My father would tell you by no uncertain terms, he ain't accepting the shit.

Do you realize how many lives are lost on a daily basis, just due to ignorance? Do you give way to QUITE BIOGTRY - women rights - human rights? How can you have any rights, without first addressing HUMAN RIGHTS?

We must share enough for those out of position, but in position to help themselves. They are silent voices crying out to the ones of us who can... Give me the courage to let them be heard through your inner

Is it a matter of just caring enough?Unethical Consumerism and Commercialism - misleading, deceptive, false, small print, hidden charges, kids, gouging...- know, these things are being revealed to you. I do not accept them, so I bring awareness to them, the inhumane treatment of ourselves, our fellow human beings and it's well out of control. Why should it happen to anyone?

I am standing on the shoulders of those who dreamed before me. To be strong and courageous to properly divide the inheritance of the land, which we share. Courage to produce and grow more of our own, to work and play together. Courage to make connections to understand what's really going on. To see through the genius and trickery of it all and reverse the curse.

I'm going to curse and cuss, grunt and moan until it change.

This shit is not and nowhere near complicated, as some of us want to make it: Courage to continue the quest for the American dream started by our ancestors, both native and immigrant. Respond eagerly and without reservation and as we vigorously exert ourselves, we enjoy rich and lasting blessings of peace of mind, satisfaction, contentment and the prospect of what kind of life? Identity theft!

Then we shall prosper. Good courage and conduct, They will be won without a Word. In good courage, good faith for good sound decisions.

(((your inner

Fight voter suppression 2012

Protect me from myself


Courage for my life

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