the way

What happens when you lose the way?

What if there's no one to ask? Is this the way...

Ever asked for directions and they put you on the wrong road? I mean instead of saying they do not understand or they don’t know, they would take a chance on getting you lost. Is this fact or fiction? Often time you wish you never asked.

Is your way important to you or is "the way" more important?

Now, I ask you,,,Is this the way,,,it is supposed to be? Do you know how it is supposed to be? Do you know where supposed to be is? Are you going there?

Ever see people who wants something for nothing, he doesn't care about his direction? Do you know them? Have you ever seen a man who will put you on the wrong road home, just for kicks? Why help a man who's not trying to help himself? If you can't help him, then why hurt him?

Way is it?

(((your inner voice)))

Death of Martin Luther King 2012

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