Who actually killed Dr. Martin Luther King

Why did Martin Luther King, Jr. die?

I mention him because his is the most notorious death lately and I wonder WHY? What’s in this message?

Did he just die or was he assassinated? Was he where he was supposed to be, doing what he was supposed to be doing? Was he out working for someone else? Did he die in vain?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader of the African-American civil rights movement and Nobel Peace Prize laureate It was just in 1968 and this is 2012.

Assassination means killed for a political or social reason? What’s the message? What kind of message was he sending and what kind were we sending? Has it changed and why not?

Out of all the great American clergyman, activist, why was he chosen as the prominent leader? Then, the one prominent leader was murdered? What message are you sending?

Instead of wanting to be treated equally, why didn't we just say, "to hell with them"? How can you force someone, anyone to treat you equally? Do you treat your wife equally, children...

Why do you honor a dead man? He stepped out, did a job you very well could have done on your own and now dead. Where is the honor in that, a risky liability? Is that why you walk around with your head in the clouds?

Why are we always looking for someone else to do our jobs? Why did, why do we dump like that on any “one” human being, oNe dead and it’s over?

If we all was for Martin Luther King, Jr, why did we stop, why don’t we have it? How many years has it been and still counting?

Who actually killed Martin Luther King? Who has the most lost from his death? Who stood to gain the most? Did we make it look like they killed him? Why do we memorialize his death in such a sacred fashion? Do we owe him something? Why would you get in any debt, you know you can’t afford to pay back?

So, exactly what must we do to repay this great debt? Will it be to memorialize or put into action? What benefits who most? How do you plan to do that? Do we have any other MLKs, will they please stand up?

Did MLK actually do anything or was it us? If we didn’t do anything, what is that saying? Intentionally or unintentionally, did we set the Honorable Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. up? Liable. A family man...

How can you free a people who does not want to be free? How do you force equality, especially with a people who doesn't know it? Do we need anyone to teach us respect for each other? Do you need anyone to enforce that? Who enforces it in your home, then why doesn't it spread...charity begins at home...

Was it worth taking a bullet for you? Was it worth firing a bullet? Would you take a bullet for a whole group of people, whose not worth it?

Is that something to think about or is that truth?

(((what does your inner voice say)))

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Way is it?

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