Ask for what you want

Negative Beliefs and Actions are what killed America. Needs and wants?

Simply put, “I do not want”. I do not want an Indian, I do not want a Black, a woman and now look.

Where is your passion for LIFE versus attracting more of what you DO NOT WANT?

You can create wealth, prosperity by making peace and love with your family and friends, to your heart’s desire.

Like sex, we all don’t have to do it the same way, but do the best you can every time. How cannot it get better? It all has to do with ENERGY or is that SENERGY? Send me some energy.

Another good example is JOB? You don’t want no job. You didn’t want the one you had, but because it paid the bills you settled. Jobs create too much stress and leads to economic and social downfall. We are the proof, so why do you keep asking for another “dead end job”? Jobs were created to pay the next man’s bills.

Negative beliefs and actions are what killed our jobs. Kill our jobs, kill our economy? But should it be that simple to kill a nation? You are using money to survive instead of skills.

Had the postal service done a better job at delivering the mail, there absolutely would be no need to come up with a better mail system – Supply and Demand. You hear people saying that shit all the time – “What they do not want”, especially when they get angry. You tell them but they refuse to hear. Like it or not, that's what's coming to you. You'll have to eat somethings because you know they are healthy. You'll have to take some medications because you need them.

Living the lavish life, it's a hard lesson to learn. People waste valuable time until it’s too late. What happens when it runs out? It will run out? They’re seeking guidance, justifying, explaining and defending want they want. That only attracts more of what you DO NOT WANT! I don’t want debt…. Tell our government that. Now, look, indebted out the ass, pollution, resource shortages, food poison, wars, and decline in our whole quality of life.

Are You Allergic to Success?

We have five or six senses but only two options if you consider bad an option. Would you bring bad into your life on purpose? So why do that? Learn better, do better. You want a business doing what you love. Ask for what you want and work for it. Your life is created through your own mind. Put away for a rainy day. Birds of a feather flock together. You don’t have shit because you do not ask for shit. Ask and work is the best you can do. Asking and working together is essential to healing. That comfort gives peace of mind.

(((your inner

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