No Position to "tell".

Art Thomas, Life coach

A white woman - You see how powerful our words are, but are they true and how do we help each other straighten it out, get it right.

A good friend said them to me and they were profound, greatly more profound the we could ever think.

I was talking to another friend who desire dating Black Men and she put that on her profile but had to remove it due to "hate mail".

So if you really want to know how much progress we're making look at what's real? That'll tell you, we actually going backwards with our "stupid asses". We've got some of "the most "fucked up" politicians I've ever seen. But they set the standards.

They will tell you a lie and cause you to loose your life or that of a dear love one.

Take this for exactly what it is"

A white woman was in no position to tell anybody. I am looking for a new passion. I was an art teacher for many years, and taught students from various ethnic groups. I've always wanted to be involved in empowering the black population, but knew a white woman was in no position to tell anybody how to live their lives.

You are right that it has to come from inside each individual. - end of quote

My thing is, "if you help empower Black People, you help empower All people. It does work well the other way around. As a matter of fact, it destroys all people.

My family is a blessing. My family is a unique with a great feeling of belonging. When I do not understand their actions or attitudes, I look for awareness in God's love. When I take on this awareness, I feel our connection with one another expand. You are welcomed.

(((your inner


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