Win! Win! Win!

Win for life.

A triple win?

As in life so should it be in business?

Winning can be a good thing. However, when only one person can win, that is not good, one winner and a whole bunch of losers, we would not want that word to get around? We need more activities where everybody comes away as a winner! The only reason you didn’t win is because you did not play.

No matter how technically good a person may be, they are no good alone. When it comes down to serious stuff, winning is an emotional event. Winning has nothing to do with one mans talents as much as it has to do with how you made people feel. Feelings are about personalities. In other words, if I were a professional athlete, people would flock here based on the money they think I make.

Everybody can winner. The best part of winning comes in threes. The Triple Win is when the Creator, the Distributor and the Consumer wins! It is a win for life.

SBI is another Triple Winner.

Huh, that's in line with the new definition of Everybody an be Great--MLK.

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