the young ones

digging your own grave

Is this anything like our education system...(20,32...48) year olds buzzing ???

How do they learn this? Is the parents, teachers, both? Is it just in life or only in the schools?

Thanx for the response. Sorry but I had to put the blocks cuz I had these young ones (20,32...48) year olds buzzing me all the time and sending messages which I honestly do not have time for!

Isn't that what happened to Malachi York, Michael Jackson...

I'm not here to flirt. I'm just looking for mature, conscious people. People who can carry on a meaningful conversation. People who have, or at least trying to develop their consciousness beyond the ACT of going to church on Sundays and talking scriptures that have not power in their own lives! Sorry........I got carried

Did you forget (or was it deliberate :)) ) to tell me how long you've been in these "neck of woods"? -- Master Degree

Not sure exactly what their saying,,,,BUT IS IT TRUE? Parents and teachers, Why do we pit the young against the old?

TRUE OR FALSE I am a very friendly person and I enjoy meeting new people. I am independent and enjoy the simple things in life, walks on the beach, listening to old school music, reading a good book or watching a movie. Family is very important to me but I don't allow them to monopolize my life. I am still a free spirit!!

I am a good listener, compassionate to others feelings, and I try to see the glass half full instead of half empty. In other words I am an optimist.

I believe a relationship must be built on honesty......lies only lead to hurt and pain. I am drama free!! I love to laugh so I am drawn to people with a sense of humor.

My life experiences have taught me to except people for who they are and not for who I want them to be. If I can't compliment the other person's world, then I move on because neither one of us has the time or energy to waste on foolish drama and hurt feelings!!

To me, respect and truthfulness are the foundations to any relationship. -- Masters degree

And you ask me why our children grow up like they do, were they born with a car in their asses?

How many lives are destroyed over a car? How many cars do we have and how expensive are they? Does it matter? Now child let behind and do our teachers ever move on? Is it a mandatory spirit or is it a free spirit?

(((your inner

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