your fate for Killing an unarmed man?

Since when is it acceptable to kill an unarmed man?

When does a man not deserve his fate? I am not questioning whether or not a man will ever have another reason to kill another man, but will he ever have a reason to kill an unarmed man? What is the reason for hunting down, and killing any unarmed man, any unarmed man?

Why would we teach our children to kill unarmed men?

Anyone who questions whether the terrorist mastermind didn't deserve his fate "needs to have their head examined"? - Obama bin Laden

Does a man deserve his fate for killing any man? Is killing an "unarmed man" cold blooded murder? That is the same as with any criminal who killed an unarmed man, just like the one who killed 3,000 unarmed people.

Is shooting a person in the back acceptable? Shooting a man in the back is a sign of a coward, isn't it?

Is killing another man any kind of accomplishment, especially when he is unarmed? Duty, honor, country, where is the honor? Which man is the victor? Does the fastest draw win? What about the biggest gun? or the most intellectual?

We all deserve our fate, but no man deserves to kill an unarmed man? The man who does that, like wise deserves his fate.

Once you capture a man, his fate is in your hands.

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