Your HOuse

Is this your house? Do you know how much we pay for our houses, yet we have so much trouble making them a HOME. We are experiencing severe problems with being "refreshed". It seems the more you do, the worse it gets.

ARe you immune to the problems and pressures of the world? Do you ever think about shit or is it just give, give, give? You do need a home!

Unless God himself builds the house, it is to no avail that the builders have worked hard on it.

God bless you! God's blessing would have a clean and peaceful people for all nations who preach the good news, despite hatred and opposition. Not this bad shit we're accustom to addressing.

Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you. Not only so you may endure your trials and tribulations but so you may enjoy them.

Those of us who accept the responsibility to live up to that inspired description want-and-need-God's blessing, for without it we could never hope to succeed.

If they persecute me, they will surely persecute you.

(((your inner

Your teacher, who's that?

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