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Thursday, 19 July 2012, your inner held a meet up at the SEDH, Milledgeville, GA. There were nine people in attendance, with two guest speakers: Corrinne Teixeira and John Ross.

I had a few photos but not certain about the quality so I did not post them. As I acquire more experience, I will do better.

your inner meet up is the first group, outside GC&SU, to take advantage of the Sallie E Davis House and for that, we are grateful and honored.

I spoke about the meaning of your inner and how we do not have a choice about moving forward. I explained to best do that is to be cognizant of and obedient to what's going on. We must be more open to embrace the differences in all of us. We must talk, talk and listen, listen and act, act.

Lamar Ross spoke on "Being Friends", pointing out, it's better to be friends than family. That being friends is the first step to being family, that as family members, we can be too close.

Corrinne Teixeira "Renenet Sekhmet" spoke on oneness, we must achieve it and how. That all of us working together is much more productive than doing nothing.

John Ross spoke about people being stones and people being his stone. He pointed out how grateful he was to have such precious stones in his life and how it is an inspiration for him to do more for his people and all people. That bar all the chaos and confusion, we should practice that.

The your inner meetup at the SEDH was our second meetup and we need your help to make them even better. I thank all of you for what you have done, for without, this would not be.

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