Action Calling

The signs of the time!

"We do not know what the hell we are doing and are in a serious state of denial". Do you really want to take action? What action do you take? How do you keep it going? Does the risk out weigh the rewards?

For every action there is a reaction and for that reason many of us do not want to take any action. We just do not want the added responsibilities.

How many of you know exactly what needs to be done to fix your problem, but in your mind the risks out weigh the rewards. It just is not worth it to setup a candy store in your backyard? Therefore you start putting off planning and living from one day to the next. There is a difference between living one day at a time and living from one day to the next? Whatever happened to your hope? You never fully enjoy living life or experiencing peace of mind. The thoughts of how will I ever survive tomorrow if my cup is half empty today? How will I pay my bills tomorrow if I can not pay them today? Will you die waiting on a job?

I think of my neighborhood, not a legal store or business anywhere, that is American any way? To what is my neighborhood and country coming to?

You never know until you try.

Reaching out! Like minded people must get together and pull together, before it is too late again. Can you read the signs of the times? They say Love is an action word, what are we doing? Take a look at my Love page or my Truths about our nation, really almost any of my pages or anyone elses? They are all saying the same thing, just in a different way: "we do not know what the hell we are doing and are in a serious state of denial".

Can we really get it together? I got this email today: "I like what you are doing with the website. Your website provides a unique, but needed service. Keep up the good work" -- Wild Bill

Now, I am pushing this program, join me, call me or email me and let us talk about how we can "together" make a difference. Contact Art!

(((your inner

Doing my Romulus and Remuspage I was reminded of Uncle Remus? What does it take to move the masses to positive action?

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