2 Choices

eye of the dollar bill

People think and are made to feel they have so many choices!

Some people are not willing to figure life out. So they join others who also have not figured it out. To be damned or saved is not your choice, but to live or die is. To live is to love like to die is to hate.

You can choose or have your choices made for you, which is not a choice. A a second Great Depression, broken health care system, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, financial predators, insurance companies in charge of your health care, balance our budget on the backs of families, let polluters and oil companies have their way. Every day, it’s a new ALL TIME LOW leading to destruction.

To choose, you must be willing to sacrifice for a bigger reward. Your reward is a much more meaningful life. You know in order for you to be your best, you must help others be theirs.

To have your life choosen for you may appear to be the easiest way out, but timing is everything. We want our reward now so we cheat to get it? Normally, the person leading has so many conditions for you to meet, that you catch hell meeting your own. In this way you become less than you have the capacity to be. You put yourself first and to hell with the others - seven deadly sins. You have become dependent upon a leaders that do not have your best interest as a number one priority.

You ask, why so many traffic jams on a wide road? You have two choices, but there is only one road and it is small and narrow. You must think for yourself. Harmony, you are either in or out.

Results are the best measurement of human progress.

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Angels walk amony us!

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