Remembered 2011


Fear, Ignorance, Hate Crimes and Death Threats

Global terrorism, Anti-Semitism, Hate crimes and terrorism in America.

Why am I more concerned about Terrorism abroad than Terrorism in America?

As Americans do we love our American neighbors, especially racial neighbors?

Why am I really more concerned about racist and anti-Semitic remarks made by a clothing designer in Paris, France, than I am of racist and anti-Black remarks made in America? Ask yourself what really matters?

Insulting someone based on their race or ethnicity in France will land you €22,500 (£19,085. But what in America?

How can I support hunting down, bringing to justice or killing Global Terrorists when I can do nothing about racial terrorism in America? Why am I more concerned about Nazi threats when I am not concerned about racial threats in America?

9-11 Remembered: Where were you when the world stopped turning. Did "the world stop turning" or did "America get a wakeup call"?

A major cover-up, Who are we covering for in America? Rants and Rage are just that, no matter from whom? We have zero tolerance in areas making far less sense than zero tolerance towards Hate crimes in America. What does that leave us open for and to?

Why don’t we treat 911 like we treated The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in America? Presidential Death Threats

In a span of less than 90 minutes, the whole global perspective can be turned around if we desire. In America, Do we really know who our real enemies are? Then, why aren’t we working on them?

Why do we need all these seperate memorials littering the earth, when we could have one, with all our horrific attacks. There is more than well more than one and that is how they get lost in the shuffle. One, Now that would really tell a story. That would truly unite us. A National Day of Service and Remembrance, Don't just remember one thing on many different days, but all of them on all days.

Identiy, economic, financial crisis and an alarming crime rate are we/Americans Safer?

Somebody has to work on business at home. Sign my Petition to work on business at home, if you want to make things better. -- Art

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Is this the group with whom you most indentify? Identity crisis

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