America grooming you


Who's grooming who in America?

What is America grooming you to be, what about you grooming America? What are we doing? Where are we going? Does it depend on whom you ask? What does that mean? Are there 50 different answers to the same problem? How does that unite us? You can't smoke weed, but you can "lie" all day long?

Is America responsible? What role does she play in what you want to be? Is it “give me, give me, give me”?

Born off the backs of betrayal, America and Americans are a truly unique place and people, as number one World Power. I heard one person put it this way, 6 out of every 7 Americans will live in poverty. I don’t know how those numbers add up, but why isn’t that {one} helping the other six? Is that the problem?

Out of the mouths of Americans, all you ever hear is “arrogant speech”. Drunk speak is All they ever talk about is "what they're going to do? Give me $6 billion dollars and I'll find you some clean energy! This arrogant speech camouflages what is really going on with “Americans in Poverty”.

Do you really know and understand how many Americans are sleeping under bridges while you go around with "arrogant speech"? Is it okay to pray in public buildings - intercessory prayer? Cannons of the wicked against the prayers of the righteous, where is real power?

While running from them, but for office, why aren't you creating a safe and secure environment for Americans? Why isn't someone out there cooking meals, offering medical? Is going back to school helping or hurting? Can you get by, without the poorest of the poor? Do you really believe you can do that and get to heaven? Is this for real or not?

ARe your needs more important? To the lions, why do we throw some Americans? So what is it exactly you are trying to show our foreign neighbors? Is it how loving and caring we are, or how rich and famous?

Do you really have a chance at success, in the land of milk and honey? What’s your profession? How good are you? How much freedom, in truth, do you really enjoy? Your future, is it promising, bright, vibrant? Or are you just apart of the “old regime” bringing us to this point?

Are you a victim or a VICTOR? Food, Housing, Clothes, Jobs, Health Care, Race, Religion, Gender, Crime, Transportation, Class warfare, Politics, Corruption, even victims of terror attacks; which of these wars are Americans winning? Are Americans responsible? Do these problems stem from the rich or the poor? Which group suffers most? Which group is actually working the hardest at resolving these problems? In whose best interest are they?

How can you attack someone by whom you simply do not have the strength to defeat? Exactly what good would it do a poor man to attack a rich man, a weak man attack a healthy man? It works much better the other way around. Would that be the middle man?

Are you apart of the solution or the problem? What’s the problem? What’s the solution? Do we agree? And is there someone to blame?

Are you a victim or a VICTOR?

(((your inner


Sarah Palin, now Herman Cain

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