The American Dream

what do we do about it

Now, what can you do about that?

Did your mom or parents ever teach you about stealing, going into another's territory, without permission, taking everything you can and sending it home. After you finish, what remains?

Adding insult to injury, you are running away from poverty to help further impoverish a people very much like yourself.

No matter what "they say", you must first realize and know the American Dream is not a dream, but a reality. It did not magically appear for your less fortunate immigrant ass to come here and further exploit a people, adding insult to injury. Know that, in actuality, many have and still are sacrificing and suffering, for these opportunities, you as immigrants view and consider yours, for the free having.

Think about it! You are not coming here to make this country your home nor to help this country to grow? Just suppose, I came to your country with the same attitude, ignoring oppressed Indians, Mexicans, Brits, Chinese...,,,just put the shoe on the other foot? Together, we can stop oppressing each other, understand and get a better perspective of what is actually going on in America and know that the people you are helping to exploit, know this. With your help, we can bring that era and method of explotation to a close. Or you just do not care?

Instead of taking advantage of the situation and allowing your ignorance to prevail, with this new understanding and respect, together we can move forward. The same as your country demands of immigrants.

Your inner

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