Using as little force as Necessary

Does that mean as little energy as necessary? Does that mean be lazy and negligent?

Looking back, do you ever think of all that energy you wasted doing things not so important as a youngster and now, as a senior citizen, you wish you had all that energy back?

Using as little force as Necessary implies that a people use the minimal amount of force necessary to get the job done.This law has to do with SELF-DEFNSE, protecting yourself using only enough justified necessary. This law is in keeping when taking critical action and there is little time to think and react.

Using as little energy as necessary is a law of nature in keeping with your own safety and security, Energy Conservation, management of properties and resources and it is looking at things over the long run. However, both laws are the same as they apply to life, as little force and as little energy. Energy is necessary for life. You are not living to get 50 years of age, but living to live as long of a healthy life as possible and this is the first and most important rule to get there or do that. It is also the first rule ignored and violated the most in our fast pace lifestyle.

The point is to prepare and live using as little energy as necessary, then to share your experience with everyone else. Is that happening? What are you sharing? How many examples do you see of this? When I see something most note worthy, it’s about someone buying a multi-million dollar house, for two people. Seems like we promote things just the opposite. We make you feel quite inadequate for living a very modest and humble lifestyle, by promoting living a very lavish lifestyle.

Which is the best example, as little or well more than necessary?

Does not matter if you are clean or not as long as you live in the High Rent District. Another violation of the using as little energy and force as necessary – Inflation.

Using unnecessary force is just the opposite, dangerous, deadly to yourself and whatever you are doing. Is it a sign of maturity? Think on the number of accidents daily attributed to using excessive force or energy? Think on ever increasing prices and vanishing resources? Think on all the effort put forth to save time and effort and progressively we have less time. Like jobs, we are really cutting ourselves out.

Do you really see what we are doing to ourselves? Smaller families, but more people/population,,,how? More food but less good food on the table? More autos but less affordabe, dependable and fuel? More houses but less affordable? More education but dumber people? Better health care but more less healthier?

Crazy, when you look at an individual, we are progressing, but when you look at the bigger picture we are quickly going backwards. ON the surface we are progressing, but underneath we are suffering like hell. ON the surface we are a number one world power, but in reality what does our credit score reflect? Who can you trust? Are Christians any better than any other religion? Do they know different?

So are we spending as little energy as possible to do more or excessive energy to do less? How does it prosper a man to do more for less? How can you expect your government to most effective and efficient when its people is not most effective and efficient?

How do we fix it and where does it all start? HOME? doing more with less. Conserving energy.

And while you are resting, you are tanking up, filling up with My Spirit, receiving My signals, being recharged and energized with My power.

(((your inner


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