Arguments and Disputes

How are most arguments and disputes resolved?

The truth is most arguments or disputes are not decided by majority vote, Department of Justice or other civil means. To claim this would be most arrogant and presumptuous.

Arguments are one of those cases where you cannot do it alone, they always take two or more.

Most arguments and disputes are decided, resolved and ended by weapons or other violent means. A Judge never hears them.

How can you resolve, solve or dissolve a problem when you do not understand the root of the problem and in most cases, that is at home? Wars are decided at home.

Well, we are going to change all that. What we’d like to argue here (in a reasoning sense, naturally) is why you need a transformation? Are you an under under-performer or overachiever? Are we in this together or separate?

My opinion, the best way to come to the best answer is to look at it from a national standpoint. How is our country doing? Is it under-performing or over-achieving? Whatever that answer is, it is because of you and your efforts? Do you relish being apart of and under-achieving country?

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