Bail Bonds of Georgia

Art's Bonding Agency

Art's  Bonding Agency


Phone: 478-452-2597

Remember them in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

If you are doing a crime, prepare to do the time. Prepare by doing great things in life.

There are many unfortunate cases and incidents and those go without saying.

However, for those who choose a lifestyle of crime, corruption, Click here.

As a Professional Bailbondsman, I work to be known as the guy to suggest corrective action before it is too late. After being apprehended or incarcerated is after the fact.

In America today, I ask myself these questions: What race goes to jail more than any other. What race is more likely to hit jail than any other? What race and gender is more likely to hit jail than any other? That includes me and one day I just might need you to bail me out.


There are so many better and more productive ways to meet our needs. It's all about using your head and working together.

Do not let ignorance, lifestyle and bad choices cause us to be divided. Don't let the devil ride.

Parents Be more responsible! Take action now, with your children and loved ones.

Want to help or want to be helped, Drop me a line. Email Art or Phone Art: 478-452-2597.

Art is willing to work with you. Don't wait until I am too old:-)

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Art's Bail Bonds
Phone: 478-452-2597 . 478-788-8331

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Bail Bonding Juveniles

Bail Bondsmen--The Next Generation

Bail Bond Laws of Georgia

Georgia Association Professional Bondsmen
Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen, Inc.

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