Sex, Commitment and Expectations

Sex, commitment and "edpectations", that's "exucation"

Just how critical are you? Dress? Race? Gender, Size, Money, Power of other people? Would you hire someone who was not qualified? How would you know, how do you? How experienced are you? Do you expect the job to get done? Get her done! So what is the challenge?

Should your elders choose your partner for you? Why would they want to put a 60 year old man with a 12 year old girl?

Is talking about your sexual life, private? Are you a very private person? Do you really need sex ed? Are widows off the list? What is the relationship of men to women? What's expected of the odd person?

In what kind of neigborhood do you live, why? We just had a new Latino family move next door, boy is she sexy?

A Priest next door to a sex offender?

Sex, Commitment and Expectations.

The break-through that end break-ups - DIFFERENCES? Do opposites really attract? Why do you consider her trash?

In a relationship is sex the first thing you do or talk about? What is the goal of any cross gender, or in some cases, same gender relationship? Are they suppose to provide all the relief you need? Keeping your home, fair, firm and consistent, do they apply? Light skinned and dark skinned people, should they be allowed to make whoopy? What about orgasm, does it really matter? I mean there are so many things to consider, to go as far as you want to go?

Let us just say, for once, you did everything right in accordance with our society, now you are having thoughts of further commitment, is it too late to discuss sex? Why does thoughts of sex enter the picture?

Does sex consummate a relationship? Church wedding, should you have one? What difference does that make? Is it just so you can feel safe and secure in your sexual relationship - blessings and gifts? What exactly are you telling the world? The whole thing, does sex mean commitment? Have you done your research? Have you come to any conclusions? Why does sex have to enter the picture? Is it for a demographics survey? Race? Gender?

Who really cares who you marry? Does marriage confirm a relationship?

What about your first time as a rape victim? Have you lost your marbles? Should you treat rape victims any different than fat people? Diversity, does it apply here? What about money or power, just to what is your commitment? So why did you get married?

Could or would "we" be any better, without marriage? Is marriage a long term answer to a short term problem?

Does marriage mean ownership and control, exactly who is supposed to be the head of household, why?

Who is God? How much should God weigh-in on your sexual relationship? Does sex make a difference? Does your sexual relationship make you feel that way or is it your faith? What about your sexuality? Which is more important, sex, race, gender, size, money, power, education, sports, music, smoke, drink, age? Chemistry? Is one's ability or potential for cheating affected by any of this? What makes one better than the other?

Should handicapped,,,does it apply here? Age discrimnation? Is that the older you get the more frustrated with your sexual performance? Why do partners cheat?

The goal is spending less by shopping more? Should your faith dictate your sexual behavior? What if you are a Priest?

Royalty, the elite, who is that? Would they ever marry a commoner? Commitment, does not it matter if it makes sense?

Expectations! The more of those you have upfront the worse your sexual relationship. Pressure and chemistry, learn faster, perform better! How long does it take you to get ready for the moment? Does true love ever cross any of these lines – Valentines. What does your partner think of all this?

Last question: How involved should your parents be in your sexual life and you say, IRRECONCILIABLE DIFFERENCES? Should your elders decide for you?

What is the best age to get married? What is the best age to get laid? I have had it with these snakes? A break-through!

(((your inner

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