Freak-a-holic and a Circle

How do you tell a people who have lost faith in themselves?

We’ll lie and tell you we ain’t and tell you all about God, but what good is all that when you do not have faith and confidence in your own self? How can you have faith in God? Even if God did give you the strength, which he already has, you wouldn't have sense enough to use it.

Are you a freak of Nature? Let me reword that question: Do you like to freak? Then, why do you call them FREAKS? Why are you repulsed by them? The freaks come out at night? Why night? Freaks of nature, is it because they’re so different? What’s the difference between a freak and a regular person? We need love.

First I direct my question to African-Americans, because we’re often too quick to turnup our noses at anything so different. What could be more different that your black mixed colored asses? It’s double depressing to see an oppressed person of an oppressed people too ignorant to know you are oppressed and have the nerve to mock a Freak of nature. We are a good kind hearted people or we never would have made good slaves. You see, they know more about your true nature than you.

Now, to the Freakiest of all people, why do you mock freaks of nature? Do you ever look at yourself and think how white and unattractive your asses are are to the rest of the world? Just look at any animal, albino that we consider WHITE, without pigment, how raw do you look?

Why are you in the closest? It’s alright to be a FREAK. Think about the wheel and its spokes. We need every spoke to make the wheel roll smoothly. Why would one spoke mock the other, is not that a valuable waste of time and effort? We allow them to make us our own worst enemy.

We lose so much time trying to reinvent the wheel, why not add to, enhance how to use it rather than "trying" to reinvent it.

Me, I want to know how to use the wheel to help others...but what does it take for them to tell you? Why is it so hard for a sick people to tell you what’s hurting them, yet we’ll go to the enemy and expose it all?

Learn how to use the wheel. Is it a curse or blessing? How do they know more about you than your own people, is that the way it’s supposed to be or the way you want it? You would rather lay with a lion than with your own people? Something is up with that isn’t? Nothing is going to change until we change it and to change we must figure out the 5w’s about starting.

The circle, you can’t tell its end or beginning. Higher education or Functional education, which works best? Which are we utilizing? If it is not working then back to the drawing board and meeting of the minds.

How can you have a meeting of the minds with a people who do not want to lend their minds. Is that because we have been conditioned that way? Why can't freaks come out at will? This is another of those subject you say you have nothing with to do, but think about that?

Our energy has been misdirected because we don’t have anything constructive to do. You can’t help people who do not want to help themselves.

What's wrong with being promiscuous in a good way? Practice makes perfect and that could be perfectly wrong as well as good. Want to be helped, start with yourself and let's have a meeting of the minds. The circle complete.

(((your inner

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