black folk ain't SHIT

I know, i'm just jealous. But who has a gun to your head today?

More appropriately put, "NIGGERS AIN'T SHIT". Now, let's see why?

The three of us sat down and talked about the three of them until we were good and full. We've been at this tug-a-war for civil rights for how long now? How much progress? The better question is: how much "further backwards" have we gone?

It’s amazing how White folk can figure out shit but black folk can’t figure out a damn thing! Everything we need is on their side of the tracks, but yet we want credit for figuring out... Where are our schools?

My thing is, is it getting better, can you see it, then you can respond accordingly. Is it going to be a "sneak attack"?

We always want them “to give” us credit for some bullshit, we shouldn’t have done in the first place. What about the buffalo soldiers, Tuskeegee Airman, Indian wars, Sharecroppers, integration,…? We want white folk to apologize to us for slavery, jim crow…, but we never think to apologize to anyone else, for all the stupid shit we did and still are doing to assist them white folk in committing even more gross atrocities.

Black folk are white folk "dumb asses" in crime.

Even more Amazing is how eloquently we go to them and beg for human rights, jobs, all our needs, only to get what they want to give us - GO BACK TO SCHOOL. I am going to interject this article here for brevity sake. Black folk don’t read.

We can do everything better than them, yet we refuse to do a damn thing for ourselves. Black Americans would rather walk around with that white folk shit hanging off them, than to clean up their own neighborhoods. As long as Mr. Bill says I’m doing a great job, who the hell cares about the rest? This is the new black American mentality and we’re stuck in a rut, not knowing our heads from our assess.

We will demonstrate, riot, sit in, boycott...but "what next"? What about our marketing plan? Why don't your "fat ass over educated wife" ever talk to you about it? Do they have too many irons in the fire? Are they doing what it takes to survive? Ask your wife about ya'lls marketing plan? But they LOVE shopping.

Amazing how we can go in and run NASA, Politics,,,yet, have so little influence on our own damn neighborhoods. Doesn't this speak volumes to you? What kind of hero is that?

We're too lazy to clean up our own neighborhoods, on our own accord. We have nerve to even brag about how nice their shit is while trying to escape our own. "We" got a new super wallmart...? The question really is...Is it coming from anyone you know and can better identify with? How can you run-away from your own stupid-ass - property value? Now, do you understand why niggers ain't shit? Who has a gun to your head today?

Do you not understand the more loyal you are the worse you are treated.

No business like show business, like yo business...

Is there another, abetter way, Human Rights.

(((your inner

Black Intellect

Announcing your separation.

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