Refuse learning from White Folk


There are a few black folk in America who has managed to get alone just fine, “by refusing to learn anything from white folk, as little as possible”. I would like to know where they are and how did they do it. However, I feel their pain because White Folk ((white Americans) have proven themselves to be the least trustworthy people on the face of the earth, yet we follow their worse, in which is the problem.

I used to hate them because I was taught they hate me, but today, I've learned: What is the goal? Is it to bring us together or further separate? I am for having your individuals, not hatred based, but talent based.

It is some “stuck up ASSES" out there and they don’t know right from wrong, all they know is the power of a gun. They refuse common sense in exchange for a badge and gun and it’s not just our police and military. It is scary and the world understands, even though they cannot believe it. No, the world cannot believe we will go, or go through what we go through to prove our point. No normal human being would ever commit such atrocities against another human being, for which, we are some sick asses...

I do not expect them to embrace my work. All I expect from White Americans is for them to “discredit my work”. That is just a historical fact I’ve learned and respect it, yet I remain open to anyone who appreciates my work - respect. Another, is that White Americans think they know it all, control it all and boss of every god-damn thing. My father said that long time ago and he was half-white.

Just as well there are Black people who are worse to their own people than White Americans, Supreme Court Monkey Clarence, Secretary of State Condomlesssa just to name a few. They just teach what they've been told, not what they know and that is deceptive to their own people.

Do you think Harriet Tubman would have any respect for these types of “snakes in the grass” or any other Post Turtles? I expect the “status quo” in America right now to discredit my work, they will call me radical, because they don’t want a Black Man to get credit for anything good.

They detest my language, even though I paid “good money” to attend their universities, but they expect me and other “Black men” to embrace theirs. How in the fuck do they know? How in the sam hell does any of the educated know? Do they know they took the road to keep us enslaved? How do the wealthy know? How can a wealthy man ever accuse a poor man of cheating?

It’s not the color. It’s okay for them to be with women of color but not the other way around. They are some selfish Son Of Bitches, take that from an EX-Slave.

Further, remember, there is a new status quo rising on the scene in America. Can we meet and greet them without regard to color and all the other demographic bullshit?

Why does the status quo in America recognize slavery but refuse to take responsibility for it? I firmly believe slavery is a mental condition and if we did not perceive ourselves as mentally weak slavery yesterday would not have been and slavery today would not be. But just let one of us get ahead of the other. Black folk ain't shit!

The best thing I can tell anybody is not to hate. Allow anyone, desiring peace to pass without being harassed. For those creating confusion and chaos, say something, point them out. Learn from the top and bottom, and above, all maintain respect for all people. Remember, respect is telling it like it is.

Oneness... How can you embrace each other if you are afraid to share the negative. To maintain a healthy balance, the negative has to get out somehow and in a safe way. What better way than writing to the universe?

Why do some act like they don't have a negative side? Is it politically or socially correct? Who is the person behind the mask?

if I did not cover everything here, feel free to add your comments.

(((your inner

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