Is that a Black Widow or what?

Spider that is,,,,,tis the season to be on the LOOKOUT! for "the Spiders"

black widow spider

Your leg, an arm, the bump from last nights sleep? Camping or just sitting in the park, old swing, storage shed, garage, propane tank caps. What about Getting into anything old and new, anything. Males running around for mates, taking a chance at losing his life. No joke! Well if he's doesn't know what's going on, any sexual experience could be his last. Immediately after sexual encounters, she has been known to be deadly, just depends !!!Warning !!!

Ever had a spider bite? Wondered if it was from a Black Widow? A bite from a black widow causes some severe reactions,,,even "Fire abend" for some? One of the most dangerous spiders in America? Where does it live? Which neighborhood, town, community? We've got the seven day adventist, i've kinda wonder what they're all about?

An old woman explains to me "the proverbial woman"; Grandma, do you understand, do you know what time it really is? What are them Adventist people teaching you? People with their religious beliefs and affiliation can be a trip...Education, Professors, Oppressed People? They can have theirs, but you can't have yours? Whatever happened to a two-way street, you got yours and I have mine....???? Do you think people really want to see you succeed? Do they want to see you in a parade? Is that why we parade our dead? We think we gon git somithing in return?$$$

All I need is $500,000 for the farm.

BP, ie... had you been on top of your game, that oil spill would have never happened. Had you been taking care of business and doing what you're supposed to do, wouldn't even be a hole in the ground, ocean floor, under the deep water??? or is that "in deepwater"? See ya on the news.

Our whole world is about oil and money and she's explaining to me what the proverbial woman means, according to an Adventist. Now, do you understand how we got into slavery? What about Preachers, what are you doing to scratch a living? I know, every man does not need to work with his hands? Reckon that's part of the reason we are so depressed/oppressed? But we call it "Happiness", "Milk and Honey" "job market" good education".

Think about how many years we have been seriously depressed,,,well pass Clinical Diagnosis? Who, whom are you trying to fool? Why? See, just don't make (((no sense))). Do you really need that college degree? That 5 million dollar mansion? Would you invest in a farm?

Ok, do you feel better about stock options? Should you consult with Bernie Madoff? Strong beliefs, Did your parents teach you how to respect the next man? Does a good man know a good man when they run into each other,,,or must you run around fooling yourself? How long can we last like that?

Agree to disagree and both can walk away, every time. Why are we working for China, Japan? To where does all the profits go? I buy it, pay customs, taxes, duties and fees, when all I can ever do is "look at it" or ride in it, "one Million Dollars an hour they spend in this country, and I don't see a dime, not even one red piece of copper.

I mean we are fighting wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan!!!

This close, I was working in my garden and got this close to a Black Widow Spider. See his monkey face? REspect! Ever really think about how we really treat each other?

With black widows and brown recluses, why would we need a bigger weapon, weapon of mass destruction? I mean if you landed in slavery again, why not? Why not carry yourselves like I will scratch your eyesballs out, put a black widow in your bed and watch you mass destruct. You ain't real smart, you ain't never been right and you are always up to some shit.

This black widow was living in a hole in a brick wall, which had a broken brick on top of it with a hollowed center. The black widow had a web from the center of the broken brick to the ground and any time something shook the web, she would come out of the hole in the brick wall, through the hole in the broken brick and run down the web to see what had been trapped.

This is the season for Spiders, snakes and creepy crawlers. Late summer/early fall seasons, southeast United States. There was the prettiest red hour glass under her abdomen, but this was the only shot I could get at the time.

The Black widow vs. The brownrecluse, What about the bite of a brownrecluse? The brownrecluse!


The Black Mamba!

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